Who Lives at Sherwood Oaks?

Sherwood Oaks is a not for profit senior living retirement community in pa located in Cranberry Twp. – just north of Pittsburgh. We were designed and developed by private citizens who would later become our first residents. In 1986 Sherwood Oaks affiliated with North Hills Passavant Hospital (later to become UPMC Passavant Hospital), and we became a part of UPMC in 2002.

Each year, anywhere from 30 to 50 seniors move to Sherwood Oaks. In this current fiscal year 37 seniors have already moved in, and 10 more have set moving dates between now and June 30th.

It is interesting to look at the demographics of the people who live at this retirement community in pa. For example, although most residents are female (statistically, women outlive men), during this year at Sherwood Oaks, 54% of new residents are men. Nearly half of all residents previously lived in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, although only 6% are from Cranberry Twp. itself. Approximately 25% move to Sherwood Oaks from out of state, as they are returning to Pittsburgh to be closer to family and health care.

Would you like to move to this retirement community in pa, Sherwood Oaks? Call (800) 642-2217 to schedule a time to tour our patio home residences. We would love to see you here.