What is Lifecare at This Retirement Community in PA

Lifecare is a concept in senior living that is a form of insurance. In fact, at this retirement community in pa, Sherwood Oaks is overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, which has financial regulations in place to ensure that we can fulfill our promises to residents.

At this retirement community in pa, Lifecare retirees pay entrance fees that are up to 90% refundable. Along with their monthly fees, residents receive guaranteed health benefits for life. The Lifecare plan at Sherwood Oaks provides a patio home residence, and when needed, unlimited days in personal care and skilled care in our on-site Health Center. We have also recently added a personal care program for persons with memory impairment.

Sometimes residents have a long-term care insurance policy when they move on campus. These residents can decide to keep their policy (having double coverage), or they can choose to give it up, saving on premium payments. Some residents decide to keep their policy and take advantage of fee discounts through our Modified Lifecare plan. Call this retirement community in pa and ask for a personal tour and learn more about the Lifecare Advantage! 800 642-2217