The Importance of Strength Training in Seniors

The latest research shows that older adults aren’t doing enough to keep
their muscles strong. A recent pilot study conducted by the
Journal of the American Medical Association using nursing care
patients as their subjects showed a 200% increase in strength and
a 10% increase in muscle size when participating in eight weeks
of progressive strength training (80% of their 1 repetition
maximum). The subjects had an average age of 90 years old and all
had a history of falls within the past year. At the conclusion of
the study, all participants increased their walking speed,
ability to climb stairs, participation in spontaneous activity,
and experienced a decrease in depressive symptoms. The study
found that they key was higher resistance and lower repetitions.
The problem, an estimated less than 5% of all senior exercisers
currently workout at these recommended intensities.  Just a reminder
to check your calendar for Wednesday, February 15 or Thursday,
February 23 at 11 a.m. and come to a Lunch and Learn where you
will hear our Fitness Director talk about the benefits of fitness at retirement communities in PA. and how he designs a personal fitness plan for each resident! 
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