Lifecare as Preventive Medicine

We all have heard about the benefits of “preventive medicine.”
You eat healthfully, exercise, and visit your doctor when you
should. Do you know that some people view their decision to move
to a PA retirement community as a form of preventive medicine?

Residents thrive at Sherwood Oaks. The entire lifecare program is
designed to keep residents healthy and independent for as long as
is possible. In addition to the health screenings and fitness
opportunities, this PA retirement community offers educational classes, day
trips and a wealth of convenient services and amenities on site.

Best of all, Sherwood Oaks is affordable. If you haven’t already
received our Cost Comparison Calculator, call Sherry or Phyllis
today and request a copy. When you add up all the benefits, you
will see for yourself that Sherwood Oaks is one of the nicest retirement communities in PA.

To receive a copy of the Cost Comparison Calculator, or to
schedule a revisit to the campus, call Sherry or Phyllis at (800) 642-2217.
Learn more about our Fitness Program by attending a Lunch and Learn on
Wednesday, February 15th or Thursday, February 23rd at 11 a.m. here at
Sherwood Oaks in the Cranberry Lake Grill.
Please call 800 642-2217 to reserve your spot!