Redesign Your Space for Spring! (Using Little Time & Money)

Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community is a collection of a variety of unique residents, and we love when they put their own spin on their patio homes. With spring on its way, many people are beginning to do their spring cleaning and, in turn, giving their home a new look for the new season.

We know that redecorating can get expensive, so here are a few tips on how to get a new look in your space for less.


Recycle Across Rooms

Sometimes you don’t need to buy new home items in order to get a fresh new look, you just need to move them from one room to another. If there is a side table you particularly love in your bedroom, consider showing it off in the living room. Move your favorite framed photograph from the hallway to the kitchen, where you can look at it more. You can even give items a new paint job to fit in with another room’s theme. Quick, affordable, and resourceful! Wasn’t that easy?


Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes the furniture in the room is right… but not in the right place. Take a look at your living space. Could it be arranged differently? Is your space being underutilized? Could you incorporate feng shui? Does the space make it easy for guests to socialize when they visit your home? Moving the couch against the wall or the chair further from the doorway can make a world of difference.


Update Photographs

Photographs add a world of personality to a room, but it’s easy to forget to update them. Children and grandchildren grow quickly, and printing out photos of their big life moments is easy now thanks to the Internet and convenient photo centers at stores like Target. Don’t have any recent family photos? Set up an appointment to get a new one done!


Update Focal Points

Curtains, rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and art are all things that attract a lot of attention and can be easily replaced. Think about a major item that attracts attention in each room of your home and consider updating it. This may include a new centerpiece for your dining room table, a new welcome mat, or new tea towels in the kitchen.


Add a Pop of Pastel

Light and airy colors are great for spring. Consider swapping out darker items in your décor for something more fresh and sunny. Put them in storage until you can use them again in the winter! Mirrors can also add a lot of light to a room.


Spend a Little Bit on Organization

Often, simple home clutter can be solved with a few organizational items. Purchase a wicker basket to store extra blankets in. Put a small basket in your entranceway to throw keys into to avoid losing them. You can ever scour Pinterest to find a fun DIY project, like this refurbished cake stand that you can use to display items in your bathroom or bedroom.


Replace Small Items

Small can make a big difference. While you may not think that replacing a lampshade or knobs on a dresser would make a big difference, it definitely can! A new vase or a houseplant can make a world of difference when it comes to adding that “home” feeling to your space. It’s great to dream big – but you can start small!