17 Ways Retirees Can Save Money

Retirement means exploring new hobbies, making new friends, and taking time to do the things you truly love. But retiring also means that you are living on a budget, no matter how large or small that budget may be. Everyone likes to save money here or there, so we’ve compiled this list of 17 things you can do (most of them right NOW) to save some money to be spent on the people and things you love.

  1. Save Loose Change – A dime here, a quarter there. That loose change can really add up! Instead of letting loose change slip out of coat pockets and under couch cushions, make a habit to empty your pockets at the end of each day and put loose change in a jar. At the end of the month, you might be surprised at the extra spending money you’ve collected!
  2. Plan Out Your Shopping Trips – While a day of shopping might be a nice way to relax, it can also lead to spending more than you budgeted! Try to keep your leisurely browsing to a minimum to avoid impulse buys. And when you are ready to head out shopping, remember that Sherwood Oaks provides transportation to local malls. Don’t spend the extra gas money!
  3. Think About Big Purchases Beforehand – Speaking of impulse buys, when you are considering a large purchase, be sure to think hard about whether you really need or want it. Some sources suggest you wait 24 hours to make a decision, while others think you should contemplate it for a month. Judge how long you think about it based on the cost of purchase, but don’t run out the door as soon as you consider a high-ticket item.
  4. Reduce How Often You Eat at Restaurants – Limit the times you eat out to only special occasions, monthly outings with friends, or bi-weekly date nights. You can spend more time cooking at home with friends and family.
  5. Split Shopping Trips With Your Neighbor – Split a membership to a warehouse store like Sam’s Club with a neighbor, then split the food you purchase! You’ll be able to take advantage of buying bulk without letting food go to waste.
  6. Go On Group or Couples Trips – Splitting the cost of hotels and gas money lets you have a weekend getaway without your budget getting away from you.
  7. Take Advantage of Free Events – Pittsburgh always has a ton of fun, free events. Not just for retirees, but for the whole family! You can browse event listings at sites like Living Pittsburgh.
  8. Use Those Senior Discounts! – We previously wrote about the many senior citizen discounts available in Pittsburgh. Take advantage of them!
  9. Use Coupons and Do Competitive Research – It’s no wonder that extreme couponing is a recent trend – they can save you a ton! Browse the local paper for coupons regularly and see who is offering the products you need at the lowest price. Pay attention to which stores offer price matching to avoid going out of your way.
  10. Avoid Late Payments – Pay things such as credit card payments on time to avoid costly late fees.
  11. Regularly Check Your Budget – Looking at your expenses and seeing what you can cut out or reduce is key when it comes to healthy budgeting.
  12. Use Customer Rewards Programs – Many businesses, like Sheetz, Panera, and Giant Eagle, offer customer rewards cards that let you earn perks for spending money at places where you already shop.
  13. DIY Gifts – Are you crafty? Consider DIY gifts rather than costly gifts from the store. They will be both affordable and meaningful.
  14. Go to the Grocery Store with a List – And stick to it! Going to the grocery store with a shopping list will help keep you from picking up items you don’t need. Remember to eat before a trip to the grocery store, too!
  15. Buy Generic – Many generic items are just as good as the original. Try out some generic brands and see if you’re just as happy with a cheaper product. And if you’re not on generic medication, talk to your doctor and see if you can go generic with them, too!
  16. Keep Inventory So You Don’t Double Up – Not keeping inventory of your belongings is a great way to end up with five cheese graters! You’ll save money by not spending money on items you already own.
  17. Make the Move to a Retirement Community – Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community includes a wide variety of amenities that, paid for separately, would cost you a fortune! Review our amenities to get a peek at just SOME of the perks you get when you join the Sherwood Oaks family!