Use Your Hobbies to Earn Extra Cash

Hobbies can entertain us and give us a sense of accomplishment. They help us define ourselves and give us a way to connect with others who have the same interests. Hobbies can also be a great source of additional income, offering a fantastic opportunity for a retiree to fill their time and their wallet.

Think hard about the things you do for fun. Could you be making some extra cash WHILE you are enjoying yourself? Or perhaps there is always a lucrative hobby you’ve always wanted to try out but never had the time? The time is now.



Woodworking is a fine skill that can prove to be a very enriching hobby. It’s amazing what you can make by hand once you have the training, like furniture, picture frames and other decorative items, and stylish storage boxes. Sherwood Oaks has a large wood shop for residents to work in, giving you plenty of room to bring your creative ideas to life.



Original work is more sought after than generic art you can get from a big box store. Ceramic creation is a wonderful hobby to have, as you can make items that are both beautiful and functional. Molding and painting custom mugs and sculpting ornate vases will help you to keep your creative juices flowing, and once your masterpiece is complete it can serve as a great gift item for someone to buy. Sherwood Oaks makes the entire process simple, as there is also a ceramics studio on campus!


Other Crafts

If you’re a master knitter or have a talent for creating stunning holiday wreaths, you should turn that fun into funds! In the past few years, there has been more and more focus on shopping locally and opting for handmade items. You don’t need to look any further than the online merchant site Etsy to see how successful handcrafted items have become. If you aren’t sure of the kind of project you would like to work on, spend some time on the DIY section of Pinterest, or the project section of the Michael’s website.



It’s no secret that a little bit of sweetness is hard to resist. If baking for family and friends has made you the favorite person at every get-together, try to benefit beyond just their compliments. Start baking for pay at community events or by order for private events. You can even serve a certain niche by baking diabetic-friendly or gluten-free items.


Lending a Hand

It’s a hassle for many people to do even simple “handy” tasks around the house. Those who are good with their hands can make a good amount of money from doing household maintenance for other members of the community, whether it’s helping to install a new window or painting a room.


Carrying on Your Former Career

Retirement doesn’t mean that you have to completely abandon the skills you acquired during your career. If you spent the last 40 years of your life enriching the lives of children as a teacher, you could take on some work as a tutor or after-school babysitter. Former accountants can help others with their taxes. Writers can start a travel blog and allow businesses to advertise on their sites. There was a reason you chose the career you did, and it can be easier than you think to keep the aspects of your life’s work that you loved the most.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m pretty financially stable. I would rather do my hobbies for fun rather than pay.”

In that case, how do you feel about using your talents to make money for others? If you’re active, you can ask friends, family, and community members to donate money to a charity of your choosing in order for you to complete a 5k. And for those bakers we mentioned above, why not have a bake sale and donate your proceeds to a good cause?

No matter where the money goes, there is money out there to be made, even in retirement!

Take Up a Hobby in Your Retirement

Retirement is the perfect time to really take advantage of that newfound free time. While there might be a hobby that you already have in mind – maybe something you’ve always wanted to try but figured you didn’t have the time – Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community also has a variety of classes and activities to get the ideas flowing for your new hobby!

A Variety of Healthy Activities

You can achieve two things when you take up a hobby that is also healthy for you. Staying physically fit can be a challenge when you are attempting to do it with an activity you don’t enjoy. But we’ve got plenty for you to do in order to keep yourself busy and fit, including:

A badminton court

  • A bocce court

  • A fitness center

  • Walking paths

  • Wimbledon croquet

  • Tai chi classes

  • Yoga classes

  • Interactive Nintendo Wii games

Here are some ideas of hobbies you can do on your own, too:

  • Buy a DVD and keep up your fitness in your living room

  • Watch healthy YouTube videos

  • Take up cooking as a hobby and learn to prepare healthier foods


A Look into the Arts

Getting creative in your free time is a great way to express yourself and turn it into something beautiful. We are a big fan of the arts at Sherwood Oaks, which is why you can:

  • Regularly attend free performances like a Tribute to Frank Sinatra

  • Spend time in our arts and ceramics studios

  • Make a masterpiece in our woodworking shop

On your own, you can consider taking part in these hobbies:

  • Photography, sharing your work with friends and family on websites like Flickr

  • Learn a new language!

  • Buy a sketchbook and learn how to draw

  • Have movie viewing nights at your patio apartment


Make Use of that Relaxing Time

There are some days where you just simply need a time to wind down and de-stress. For those days, we have activities like:

  • A billiard room where you can challenge someone to a friendly game of pool

  • A horseshoe pit

  • An indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi

  • A library filled with knowledge waiting just for you

  • A practice putting green for perfecting your swing

  • A greenhouse and garden plots for those with green thumbs

Some other activities to do on your own:

  • Start a blog about an activity you’re passionate about

  • Take up playing an online game (but don’t get too addicted!)

  • Start a book club with friends

  • Host a board game night and crown someone the king or queen of Monopoly

Sherwood Oaks residents – what hobbies have you found the time for in retirement? We would love for you to share!