“We’re just so happy to be together and here at Sherwood Oaks,” says Georgia and Ward Trostle.

 Ward and Georgia Trostle moved to this retirement community, Sherwood Oaks, several years ago. They selected a two-bedroom apartment in the newly constructed Lakeside apartments on the Sherwood Oaks campus.  “We like the apartment and the connection to the community center is very convenient and an easy walking distance,” Ward said.

The couple are enjoying socializing and the activities at Sherwood Oaks. Georgia and Ward are taking a Beginners Bridge class and also tried line dancing. Together, they have participated in an exercise program at the Fitness Center. They make use of the library and have high praise for the staff and residents at Sherwood Oaks.

“We came to Sherwood Oaks because we wanted to make our own choice on our own terms,” said Georgia. “I had the difficult and sad experience of seeing my parents in a nursing home and Ward and I did not want our children to have to do that for us.”

The Trostles are from Penn Township in Butler County. Ward is a retired auto dealership owner and Georgia spent her career as a real estate broker.

 “We are enjoying Sherwood Oaks and all that it has to offer. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are free from things like home maintenance and cooking,” described the Trostles. “And most of all, we’re happy to be together and living retirement to the fullest in this wonderful retirement  community.”