Working During Your Retirement

Your retirement dream can include anything you want it to – even you continuing to work once you’ve “punched the clock” for the last time.

According to, “Sixty percent of workers age 60 and older said they would look for a new job after retiring from their current company.” Many residents at Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community choose to continue working part time once they’ve settled in to retirement life, and their motivations differ.

Some retirees continue working because they enjoy having a supplemental income to help them and their spouse truly enjoy their “Golden years.” Others find that they find fulfillment in their life from having a job or career, and that isn’t something they would like to truly give up once they’ve reached retirement age.

Holding a job also means that you get a sense of teamwork and social interaction mixed with exciting daily challenges. And while we love the sense of community that our residents have told us they feel on campus, we understand that sometimes you need some social interaction on both the badminton court and in the boardroom.

Plus, technology today allows for more convenient work lifestyles, including jobs that allow you to telecommute.

And if you’re going to be a working retiree, we’ve got a great location to do so. included Pittsburgh in its list of great cities for a working retirement, citing our high job growth rate and low cost of living as pluses.

Retirement is about making the most of your time, so if you aren’t ready to hang up that suit and tie, don’t forget that there are still great job opportunities to be found past retirement age!