Decisions, Decisions – Which is Best?

These questions may guide your evaluation of which contract option is best suited to you and your circumstance.  If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider that option.

Lifecare Advantage

  • Question #1: Is it important for you to leave a financial gift to your children upon your death?
  • Question #2: Do you like the idea of securing your future care?
  • Question #3: Do you have no family, or do your family members live out of state?  Do you worry that there is no one local to take care of you?
  • Question #4: Did you struggle to place a parent or loved one in a nursing home?  Was it emotionally and financially difficult?  Do you want to spare your children from this circumstance?
  • Question #5: Is it important for you to be in control of your personal affairs?

Modified Lifecare

  • Question #1: Have you invested money in a long-term care insurance policy that you wish to keep?
  • Question #2: Do you like the idea of securing your future care, and also of receiving monthly discounts ranging from $270 – $870?


  • Question #1: Are you thinking that you may not want to live at Sherwood Oaks permanently?
  • Question #2: Do you prefer to not pay an entrance fee?
  • Question #3: Based on family history, do you think that you will not need long-term health care?