What’s So Special About 30 Years at This Retirement Community?

This September we are celebrating a special milestone at Sherwood Oaks. Consider joining us for some of these exciting offerings:

September 6th – Open House from 3-5pm in the Community Center
September 13 – 30th Anniversary Cocktail Reception with Bo Wagner’s Tribute to Frank Sinatra from 4-6pm in the Cranberry Lake Grill and Terrace
September 14 – Young pianist and composer Sasha Voinov will perform in the Auditorium at 7:15pm
September 18 – “Pittsburgh: Quirks and All” by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, in the Auditorium at 7:15pm
September 25 – WQED radio host and performer Anna Singer will sing in the Auditorium at 7:15pm

Call (800) 642-2217 to register for any of these free offerings at this retirement community PA.

Top 10 Little Known Facts about this Retirement Community PA, Sherwood Oaks

While we were preparing for our 30th anniversary we came across several interesting facts. Condensed into a “top 10” format, here they are:
1. Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community PA was founded by four women.

2. The 4-acre lake on campus was previously a privately-owned pay fishing lake.

3. When it was built, Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community PA had 260 patio homes. We’ve had as few as 242 patio homes (the number was reduced due to building larger homes from smaller ones), and recently we built an apartment building and new patio homes for a total of 274.

4. The concept of covered walkways without steps came from Kendall at Longwood in Kennet Square, PA.

5. The blue and white hex sign located at the entrance to the Community Center was originally affixed to a barn on the campus.

6. In 1978 Cranberry Township had no zoning regulations for retirement communities, so officials had to write new zoning provisions in order to approve our construction for this retirement community pa.

7. In the early years, quilters met each Wednesday in the Sewing Room. As perhaps a sign of the times, the Sewing Room has been replaced with the Computer Center.

8. A beautiful grandfather clock, located in the Community Center, was donated by an early resident.

9. One year before opening, seven model patio homes were built where the Gatehouse is today. The model homes were subsequently moved onto the campus and have been lived in ever since.

10. In its early years the Cranberry Twp. annual community Halloween parade was held on our campus. Trick-or-treaters would walk up the road to the Community Center entrance where residents would be waiting with treats.

If you’d like more information about this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks, please call 800 642-2217 to schedule a tour or email cookca@sherwood-oaks.com

Meet the Lavenders

Names: Deane and Jane Lavender
Occupations: Pastor and Educator, Nursing
Residence: Cypress (one bedroom den)

When Deane conducted the first Sunday chapel service at this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks in 1982, he and his wife Jane may not have known when they would become residents. But, after years of recommending Sherwood Oaks to friends, they moved in two years ago. “We had been familiar with Sherwood Oaks almost from its opening. We knew it to be a high-quality place to live in retirement.”

Since then, the couple has become involved with the campus gardens, chorus, bell choir and the Residents Association Board of Directors. Deane and Jane’s advice to others? “Think of Sherwood Oaks as a secure future and a gift to your children.”

If you would like to tour a Dogwood or Cypress style patio home, contact Sherry Cook at cookca@sherwood-oaks.com. at this retirement community pa.

Meet John and Ruth Becker

Names: John and Ruth Becker
Occupations: Retired church musician and former campus pastor in Pittsburgh
Residence: The Cedar (two bedroom/two bath)

Ruth writes that when their children came to check out this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks, their son remarked, “I feel like I’m taking my parents to college!” It’s not exactly college, however Sherwood Oaks’ 84-acre campus impressed John and Ruth sufficiently that in 2008 they left their home in the Shadyside/Oakland area of Pittsburgh and moved in.

“We were still up and running,” writes Ruth, “but had seen friends have decisions made for them.” Wanting to be in control of their own decision-making, John and Ruth chose a retirement community in pa that has health care on site.

Asked to provide advice to other retirees, Ruth writes, “Do it while you can still make new friends. There are some very interesting people here at this retirement community pa.”

Meet One of Our Residents

Tom Shepard visited 15 retirement communities, took copious notes, and built a weighted decision analysis in Excel. So he was pretty certain he’d made the right decision when he moved to this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks. “I found Sherwood Oaks to be the best in terms of facility, services and financial strength of some 15 retirement communities I visited,” says Tom. “An added advantage is that it’s close to my daughter’s home.”

His biggest concern, however, was whether he would tolerate the northern winters at retirement communities in pa after a lifetime of living in the south.

Tom has found this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks, to be even more than he expected. He enjoys singing, reading, woodworking and physical fitness activities, and a very warm winter coat has helped him adjust to Pittsburgh’s climate.

If you would like to tour this retirement community pa (Sherwood Oaks), contact Sherry Cook at cookca@sherwood-oaks.com or call 800 642-2217 to schedule a tour.

Ten Most Popular Continued Learning Classes

People never stop learning, especially at retirement communities in pa. So it’s no surprise that one of the early innovations made by Sherwood Oaks residents was to begin a Continued Learning program. Continued Learning offers a free series of discussions, programs, lectures and demonstrations designed to provide a forum for continued personal learning, growth and development. Classes are offered in the Spring and Fall at this retirement community pa, and are presented in the Sherwood Oaks auditorium.

We’ve developed a list of the ten most popular classes. We only have room for five in this blog. Look for the rest of the list in an upcoming blog about this retirement community pa.

1. Careers – This top-attended program features a resident or guest who leads an informative discussion about their celebrated profession.

2. Current Affairs – University professors and other experts are invited to share timely information covering diverse topics including Understanding Marcellus Shale, Afghanistan, and The Taliban.

3. Historical Subjects – The historian in all of us gets a chance to hear accurately researched presentations covering exciting local, national and world historical perspectives.

4. Music – The more leisurely minded enjoy music in their life and programs such as The Art of Listening to Music and Symphonic Music presentations.

5. Travel – Experience first-hand accounts about unique travel destinations, cultures and artifacts as well as valuable travel insights.

Who Lives at Sherwood Oaks?

Sherwood Oaks is a not for profit senior living retirement community in pa located in Cranberry Twp. – just north of Pittsburgh. We were designed and developed by private citizens who would later become our first residents. In 1986 Sherwood Oaks affiliated with North Hills Passavant Hospital (later to become UPMC Passavant Hospital), and we became a part of UPMC in 2002.

Each year, anywhere from 30 to 50 seniors move to Sherwood Oaks. In this current fiscal year 37 seniors have already moved in, and 10 more have set moving dates between now and June 30th.

It is interesting to look at the demographics of the people who live at this retirement community in pa. For example, although most residents are female (statistically, women outlive men), during this year at Sherwood Oaks, 54% of new residents are men. Nearly half of all residents previously lived in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, although only 6% are from Cranberry Twp. itself. Approximately 25% move to Sherwood Oaks from out of state, as they are returning to Pittsburgh to be closer to family and health care.

Would you like to move to this retirement community in pa, Sherwood Oaks? Call (800) 642-2217 to schedule a time to tour our patio home residences. We would love to see you here.


With effective mortgage rates below 4%, and Pittsburgh’s unemployment rate below 7%, it may not be as challenging as you think to sell your home and move to retirement communities in pa. Real Estate in Pittsburgh is booming, very few homes are on the market for longer than 30 to 45 days.  The theory of supply and demand is never more prevalent than today in the real estate market.  Today’s sellers are netting a larger percentage from the sale of their homes because of low interest rates, and the strong supply of first time buyers and transferees.

If you are like most Sherwood Oaks clients, it’s been years since you’ve sold a home.  So, it may be interesting for you to learn that you should have a home inspection before putting your house on the market.  This gives you more control over the sale when the sales agreement is presented.

At this retirement community pa, we at Sherwood Oaks have been helping seniors sell their homes for many years.  Our Preferred Realtor program puts you in touch with a realtor with specialized training.  Once you have listed your house, you may want to use an estate and household sales specialist, and we can recommend a good one.  Another person you can take advantage of – for free – is an organizer who Sherwood Oaks pays for. He will help you clean out attics, garages and closets, and also be present on the day of your move to unpack and hang your pictures. Call us for more information! 800 642-2217

What is Lifecare at This Retirement Community in PA

Lifecare is a concept in senior living that is a form of insurance. In fact, at this retirement community in pa, Sherwood Oaks is overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, which has financial regulations in place to ensure that we can fulfill our promises to residents.

At this retirement community in pa, Lifecare retirees pay entrance fees that are up to 90% refundable. Along with their monthly fees, residents receive guaranteed health benefits for life. The Lifecare plan at Sherwood Oaks provides a patio home residence, and when needed, unlimited days in personal care and skilled care in our on-site Health Center. We have also recently added a personal care program for persons with memory impairment.

Sometimes residents have a long-term care insurance policy when they move on campus. These residents can decide to keep their policy (having double coverage), or they can choose to give it up, saving on premium payments. Some residents decide to keep their policy and take advantage of fee discounts through our Modified Lifecare plan. Call this retirement community in pa and ask for a personal tour and learn more about the Lifecare Advantage! 800 642-2217

Changing the Way You Think About Retirement Communities in PA

Question: How does Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community turn “I’m Not Ready Yet” into “I wish I’d come here sooner?” Here are ten important benefits that we have found change people’s way of thinking about retirement communities in PA:
1. Sherwood Oaks has a health care program that focuses on prevention, and includes a Fitness Center with a full-time personal trainer, yoga, tai chi and exercise classes, as well as aquatic, strength and balance training.
2. We have opportunities to stay active, including badminton, bocce court, fitness center and exercise room, billiard room, horseshoe pit, croquet, indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, shuffle board, putting green and walking paths.
3. In-home urgent and emergency care is provided around the clock by a registered nurse at this retirement community pa.
4. Fully licensed Personal Care and Nursing Care accommodations are located on-site.
5. There are contract choices that fit most budgets, including our new rental program.
6. The campus has two beautiful lakes to enjoy.
7. There’s a great library with over 7,000 books.
8. There are eleven different styles of patio homes.
9. There are no real estate taxes to pay.
10. You have an income tax deduction that is only available to residents of Lifecare communities including this retirement community pa.

Want to learn more? Call (800) 642-2217 to learn how to change your thinking about retirement communities in pa.