Turn Your Residence at Sherwood Oaks from a House to a Home

We don’t want your patio home at Sherwood Oaks to be just another house. We want it to truly feel like home, which is why we take every step we can in order to help you settle into a home that you feel is uniquely yours.

If you are moving into a Sherwood Oaks residence that isn’t quite finished, you are able to choose your own paint colors and carpeting. And when it comes time for you to get a new kitchen, which Sherwood Oaks replaces every few years, you are able to choose the style of your cabinets.

If you want to truly customize your home with a bigger project, like removing a wall to unite your kitchen and dining areas or replacing a sliding door with a French door, we can accommodate you! You will simply need to pay for the work yourself and run any project by us first.

Here are some other DIY projects that you can use to take your patio home from just another foundation, to the foundation of a happy life:

  • What truly makes a home is family. Display photos on your walls in unique ways, such as in memory boxes or thrifted frames that you can paint to match your décor. Sherwood Oaks residents are permitted to hang anything on their walls!

  • Speaking of family, invite friends and family over often to get that warm feeling of home that no piece of furniture will ever be able to bring you.

  • It’s amazing what a difference a comfortable throw, throw pillow, and rug can do to a space. If you want to add a new level of comfort to a space, reach for something cozy!

  • Memories can be displayed in a variety of different ways –not just pictures. Consider framing maps of places you’ve visited, tickets from you favorite concerts, and other things that are close to your heart.

We are always looking for ways to make our residents feel happy and comfortable in their homes. If you have any suggestions on how we can help you, please email us at marketing@sherwood-oaks.com.

Working During Your Retirement

Your retirement dream can include anything you want it to – even you continuing to work once you’ve “punched the clock” for the last time.

According to careerbuilder.com, “Sixty percent of workers age 60 and older said they would look for a new job after retiring from their current company.” Many residents at Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community choose to continue working part time once they’ve settled in to retirement life, and their motivations differ.

Some retirees continue working because they enjoy having a supplemental income to help them and their spouse truly enjoy their “Golden years.” Others find that they find fulfillment in their life from having a job or career, and that isn’t something they would like to truly give up once they’ve reached retirement age.

Holding a job also means that you get a sense of teamwork and social interaction mixed with exciting daily challenges. And while we love the sense of community that our residents have told us they feel on campus, we understand that sometimes you need some social interaction on both the badminton court and in the boardroom.

Plus, technology today allows for more convenient work lifestyles, including jobs that allow you to telecommute.

And if you’re going to be a working retiree, we’ve got a great location to do so. Forbes.com included Pittsburgh in its list of great cities for a working retirement, citing our high job growth rate and low cost of living as pluses.

Retirement is about making the most of your time, so if you aren’t ready to hang up that suit and tie, don’t forget that there are still great job opportunities to be found past retirement age!

Take Up a Hobby in Your Retirement

Retirement is the perfect time to really take advantage of that newfound free time. While there might be a hobby that you already have in mind – maybe something you’ve always wanted to try but figured you didn’t have the time – Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community also has a variety of classes and activities to get the ideas flowing for your new hobby!

A Variety of Healthy Activities

You can achieve two things when you take up a hobby that is also healthy for you. Staying physically fit can be a challenge when you are attempting to do it with an activity you don’t enjoy. But we’ve got plenty for you to do in order to keep yourself busy and fit, including:

A badminton court

  • A bocce court

  • A fitness center

  • Walking paths

  • Wimbledon croquet

  • Tai chi classes

  • Yoga classes

  • Interactive Nintendo Wii games

Here are some ideas of hobbies you can do on your own, too:

  • Buy a DVD and keep up your fitness in your living room

  • Watch healthy YouTube videos

  • Take up cooking as a hobby and learn to prepare healthier foods


A Look into the Arts

Getting creative in your free time is a great way to express yourself and turn it into something beautiful. We are a big fan of the arts at Sherwood Oaks, which is why you can:

  • Regularly attend free performances like a Tribute to Frank Sinatra

  • Spend time in our arts and ceramics studios

  • Make a masterpiece in our woodworking shop

On your own, you can consider taking part in these hobbies:

  • Photography, sharing your work with friends and family on websites like Flickr

  • Learn a new language!

  • Buy a sketchbook and learn how to draw

  • Have movie viewing nights at your patio apartment


Make Use of that Relaxing Time

There are some days where you just simply need a time to wind down and de-stress. For those days, we have activities like:

  • A billiard room where you can challenge someone to a friendly game of pool

  • A horseshoe pit

  • An indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi

  • A library filled with knowledge waiting just for you

  • A practice putting green for perfecting your swing

  • A greenhouse and garden plots for those with green thumbs

Some other activities to do on your own:

  • Start a blog about an activity you’re passionate about

  • Take up playing an online game (but don’t get too addicted!)

  • Start a book club with friends

  • Host a board game night and crown someone the king or queen of Monopoly

Sherwood Oaks residents – what hobbies have you found the time for in retirement? We would love for you to share!

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

While you don’t want to ponder the unthinkable happening to you or your spouse, any good Boy Scout will tell you that it pays to be prepared. That is why it is important for even the healthiest retiree to educate themselves on the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

One important thing is to understand the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Alzheimer’s is a disease, while Dementia refers to a set of symptoms, including, according to the Mayo Clinic, language difficulty, loss of recent memory or poor judgment.

Memory Loss – We can all be forgetful sometimes, and memory loss can happen in the aging process. But serious memory loss that affects your way of life is NOT normal. And don’t just brush it off if someone forgets the name of someone in his or her life one day but remembers the next. Memory loss can come and go day by day.

Loss of Motor Skills – Patients can often develop numbness in their limbs, which makes it difficult for them to complete tasks that require fine motor skills.

Making Odd Decisions – According to health.com, “The earliest changes in judgment usually involve money. So people who were normally very cautious with their finances will start spending in unusual ways, like giving money to unworthy strangers like telemarketers, or withholding money they should pay, because they incorrectly believe their utility company is suddenly untrustworthy.” Be on the lookout for odd behaviors that seem out of character and changes in mood and personality, including withdrawing from things you or your loved one enjoys.

Difficulty Completing Tasks – Daily tasks can become a struggle to those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. They may be unable to remember how to do things that were second nature to them or be able to complete them but in much slower a time period.

Anger and Mood Swings – Alzheimer’s is a frustrating disease to anyone it touches, and it can lead to a person feeling frustrated and lashing out. Confusion about what is happening can cause them to be on edge and have high levels of anxiety.

Difficulty with Distance, Color, Etc. – Some Alzheimer’s patients over or underestimate the distance between two objects and show difficulty distinguishing differences in color.  They can also get easily confused with times.

Losing Things, Including Themselves – Patients often find themselves misplacing items. And health.com also says, “Unfortunately, about 60% of people with dementia have a tendency to walk off, wander aimlessly, and become lost, often repeatedly.”

Loss of Ability to Take Care of Themselves – Someone with early Alzheimer’s may not make it to the bathroom or remember to eat or bathe.

There are MANY other signs of Alzheimer’s, and many can also be signs of other issues. If you notice any of these signs in you or a loved one, be sure to see a doctor. Our medical offices are open to Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community residents at all times, helping you diagnose and manage difficult diseases such as Alzheimer’s. To schedule an appointment at our medical offices, call, X8480, or call X8496 for our community nurse.