Are Retirement Communities Accredited?

Sherwood Oaks retirement community is accredited, even though most retirement communities are not.  It takes extra effort on our part, but we feel that the benefit of being accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CARF/CCAC) is worth the extra effort. CARF/CCAC is an independent accrediting organization that provides comprehensive quality standards to senior living communities.

Achieving this accreditation signifies a commitment to meeting recognized quality standards.  By continuously improving our services we can improve the quality of life for residents and their families.  Click on this link to read about the criteria for accreditation by CARF/CCAC.


“We’re just so happy to be together and here at Sherwood Oaks,” says Georgia and Ward Trostle.

 Ward and Georgia Trostle moved to this retirement community, Sherwood Oaks, several years ago. They selected a two-bedroom apartment in the newly constructed Lakeside apartments on the Sherwood Oaks campus.  “We like the apartment and the connection to the community center is very convenient and an easy walking distance,” Ward said.

The couple are enjoying socializing and the activities at Sherwood Oaks. Georgia and Ward are taking a Beginners Bridge class and also tried line dancing. Together, they have participated in an exercise program at the Fitness Center. They make use of the library and have high praise for the staff and residents at Sherwood Oaks.

“We came to Sherwood Oaks because we wanted to make our own choice on our own terms,” said Georgia. “I had the difficult and sad experience of seeing my parents in a nursing home and Ward and I did not want our children to have to do that for us.”

The Trostles are from Penn Township in Butler County. Ward is a retired auto dealership owner and Georgia spent her career as a real estate broker.

 “We are enjoying Sherwood Oaks and all that it has to offer. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are free from things like home maintenance and cooking,” described the Trostles. “And most of all, we’re happy to be together and living retirement to the fullest in this wonderful retirement  community.”

Free Moving Services Program Offered by Sherwood Oaks

Selling your home and moving to a new residence can be a time consuming and overwhelming process. Having the expertise of professionals who are knowledgeable about the real estate market, enhancing the look of your property, and assisting with the organizing and moving services can make all the difference. That’s why Sherwood Oaks retirement community has unveiled a new moving services program to assist incoming residents to our retirement community. And, the program is free.

“The goal of the program is to help new residents maximize the profit on the sale of their home and experience a smooth transition when settling into their new retirement residence at Sherwood Oaks,” says Katherine Vojtko, Vice President of Sherwood Oaks. “The program is free and open to Sherwood Oaks clients who are preparing to sell their home. Residents can take advantage of the many program benefits that cover home selling, moving and organizing help, and financial services.”

Two top area realtors, Howard Hanna and Prudential Preferred Realty, have been selected to participate in the Sherwood Oaks Program as Preferred Realtors. Both companies are well-established and each have certified Senior Real Estate Specialists who are trained to navigate the market and counsel 50+ clients through major lifestyle transitions involved with relocating and selling the family home. Both companies offer similar advantages and will rebate the home seller 10% of the gross commission on the sale of the home.

To participate in the Preferred Realtor portion of the program, an approved resident must pre-register for the program and use one of the participating real estate companies.

Additional program benefits:
A free home staging evaluation to enhance your home’s appeal to buyers. You will receive expert advice for getting your home in prime showing condition. Simple solutions like removing clutter, rearranging furniture and freshening paint colors can make a big impact. Using principles of function, flow and design, staging professionals will provide tips that will help make a home market-ready and appealing.  Click here to read about more staging tips.

Receive up to five free hours of a professional moving organizer’s time to help you manage packing, organizing, and unpacking at your new residence. Who couldn’t use help to get the packing process started and keep it organized?  And since the moving organizer is familiar with Sherwood Oaks residences, you’ll get the added bonus of advice about specific furniture pieces and placement at your new residence, too.

Special financial services including the choice of three Sherwood Oaks refundable entrance plan options. Depositors who participate in Sherwood Oaks’ Preferred Realtor program may be eligible for a bridge loan for all, or part, of the entrance fee.

Katherine Vojtko says the program streamlines a complicated process and makes it easy for residents to begin retirement life at Sherwood Oaks retirement community. “It is one of the best move-in packages for a retirement community in Western Pennsylvania.”

To register or learn more about the Moving Services Program, contact the Sherwood Oaks marketing team at 1-800-642-2217.

Risk and Retirement

It is important for seniors to ask careful questions as they consider which retirement community is best suited to their needs.  We believe that Sherwood Oaks is among the financially strongest retirement communities in Pittsburgh because:

  1. The Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community has successfully operated for more than 30 years and enjoys an excellent reputation.
  2. The Sherwood Oaks audit shows positive net assets, strong operating income, positive investment returns, and continued investment in capital assets.
  3. Resident satisfaction at Sherwood Oaks, as measured by an outside consulting firm, shows that residents have rated Sherwood Oaks as exceeding national benchmark scores.
  4. The UPMC is our parent company and one of the most financially sound organizations in the region.
  5.  Sherwood Oaks is one of the few Pittsburgh retirement communities to be fully accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission,

Although risk is present with any endeavor, we would point out that not living at Sherwood Oaks presents a risk.  We believe that the enjoyment of the amenities, physical security, and the knowledge that unlimited continuing care is guaranteed are wonderful benefits for retirees.

Please contact our marketing office at 1-800-642-2217 if you have questions about Sherwood Oaks. We are happy to provide any information you may need about all aspects of our retirement community and the many entrance options available at Sherwood Oaks.