Meet John and Ruth Becker

Names: John and Ruth Becker
Occupations: Retired church musician and former campus pastor in Pittsburgh
Residence: The Cedar (two bedroom/two bath)

Ruth writes that when their children came to check out this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks, their son remarked, “I feel like I’m taking my parents to college!” It’s not exactly college, however Sherwood Oaks’ 84-acre campus impressed John and Ruth sufficiently that in 2008 they left their home in the Shadyside/Oakland area of Pittsburgh and moved in.

“We were still up and running,” writes Ruth, “but had seen friends have decisions made for them.” Wanting to be in control of their own decision-making, John and Ruth chose a retirement community in pa that has health care on site.

Asked to provide advice to other retirees, Ruth writes, “Do it while you can still make new friends. There are some very interesting people here at this retirement community pa.”

Meet One of Our Residents

Tom Shepard visited 15 retirement communities, took copious notes, and built a weighted decision analysis in Excel. So he was pretty certain he’d made the right decision when he moved to this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks. “I found Sherwood Oaks to be the best in terms of facility, services and financial strength of some 15 retirement communities I visited,” says Tom. “An added advantage is that it’s close to my daughter’s home.”

His biggest concern, however, was whether he would tolerate the northern winters at retirement communities in pa after a lifetime of living in the south.

Tom has found this retirement community pa, Sherwood Oaks, to be even more than he expected. He enjoys singing, reading, woodworking and physical fitness activities, and a very warm winter coat has helped him adjust to Pittsburgh’s climate.

If you would like to tour this retirement community pa (Sherwood Oaks), contact Sherry Cook at or call 800 642-2217 to schedule a tour.

Continued Learning Classes at this Retirement Community in PA

In the last blog we listed five of the most popular classes offered by the Continued Learning Committee at this retirement community in PA, Sherwood Oaks. Continued Learning offers a free series of discussions, programs, lectures and demonstrations designed to provide a forum for continued personal learning, growth and development. We didn’t have space for all ten in the last blog, so here are the remaining classes. These programs at this retirement community in pa are open to non-residents as well, so call us at (800) 642-2217 if you would like to attend.
1. Politics – It’s an election year after all, and understanding the political arena leads to better informed voters.

2. Gardening – for those who have or want a green thumb, there are plenty of helpful gardening tips.

3. News & Views – This fun and interactive program offers open discussion about the most up to date stories covering today’s news.

4. Local Interest – Find out about places of interest in Butler County, trailblazing women of Pennsylvania, and the Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Washington County, to name a few.

5. Collections – Attendees get to see fascinating collections of unique items like vintage jewelry, world artifacts and whimsical compilations gathered by resident collectors.