About Sherwood Oaks

We are a part of UPMC Senior Communities, located in Cranberry Township, PA.

Our mission is to foster independence, health, physical and financial security to seniors who live here.  Although most residents start out in an independent living residence, we provide personal care, memory care and nursing care as an individual’s needs change over time.

Interested in Volunteering at Sherwood Oaks?

Call Recreational Therapy at 724-776-8471.

Upcoming Events

  • Dec

    Pearl Harbor

    Presented by Gary Augustine Sunday, December 7, 1941, they swooped in from the north in waves of torpedo, dive, and fighter planes that were launches from six Japanese carriers. As […]

  • Dec

    River City Brass Band

    River City Brass Band receives praise from audiences and critics alike: “RCS delivers the rare kind of show that combines light-hearted fun with serious musicianship,” notes an audience member. “River […]